Skills & Tips

Cycling Skills and Tips

How far should I ride from the curb? What are my rights and responsibilities as a cyclist? How do I adjust my bike & helmet to fit me? Increase your comfort and safety through learning.


Cycling Safety Courses

We offer a full range of enjoyable, effective cycling courses for all ages & all skill levels — from non-riders to experts — as well as instructor training and support.

Find out how much safer & more comfortable your ride can be.


Cycling Workshops

Held at your workplace, these workshops help increase the safety & enjoyment of your staff’s cycling trip to work.

Valuable for beginner cyclists and experienced riders, the modules include traffic safety, commuting tips and bike maintenance. Public sessions also available.


Instructor Training

Help others experience the benefits and pleasures of safe cycling. Training is available to prepare and certify you for teaching a wide range of cycling courses

Solutions Projects

Kids’ cycling safety

Worked with the Way to Go! School Program (funded by the Autoplan Broker Road Safety Program) and Woodfall Films and LifeCycle to develop and produce a kids’ cycling and walking safety DVD for distribution to all BC elementary schools.